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In-home consultations are available by our knowledgeable, courteous staff at Blinds Are Us

We bring the store to you, by bringing the samples and ideas that will work best in your space, so you can see them where they will be used. We will also be able to measure your windows, and give you a proper quote based on the size and product you want. Our In-Home Consultations are available in: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and Stratford.

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Lorraine Principi Blinds Are Us In-Home Consultant
Lorraine Principi Blinds Are Us In-Home Consultant

Lorraine Principi

I am one of your in-home design consultants at Blinds Are Us. I have been helping clients with their custom window covering needs for over 25 years. While completing my bachelor’s degree at McMaster University I started working for a home décor retailer and looked after all aspects of decorating for my clients. It was fascinating to me how the right window treatments could completely transform a room. Since then I have helped thousands of clients all over Southern Ontario with their window covering decisions.

With each new year I take ongoing professional training courses provided by various industry leaders. I have gained a wealth of knowledge over the last 25 years and I continue to learn every day with each new client that I meet. I have seen many changes in the industry and it has been exciting to be a part of it. There has never been such a wide product offering and as the choices grow, the need for the right guidance grows as well. This is why it is more important than ever that clients utilize the services of our in home design team.

It can be stressful and overwhelming to try and sift through all of the possibilities available and making the wrong choice becomes an expensive mistake. I firmly believe that what has made me so successful all of these years and what keeps ou clients coming back is my ability to relieve that stress from our clients. This only happens by asking the right questions, listening intently to the answers and then knowing the products well in order to find the perfect fit. No matter what the challenge, there is always a perfect fit.

It has been a pleasure working for Blinds Are Us over the past 10 years since moving to Kitchener from Hamilton. They believe as strongly as I do that superior customer service is a priority. If you are in need of custom window treatments, bedding, re-upholstery or drapery I would be happy to set up an in-home appointment to guide you through the process.

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